Affordable Cloud Bursting Services and Disaster Recovery Protection

Whether your enterprise operations houses its servers in its own facilities, or splits its servers between the facility and other locations, VXNet-Powered Data Centers provides an ideal solution for disaster recovery protection and when cloud bursting services are required.

Organizations that have geographical minimum distance backup requirements or want to be prepared in the event of weather outages, power failures or natural disasters can take advantage of VXNet's resources, responsiveness and flexibility.

Benefits of VXNet Cloud-Based Routing™

Enables a single IP address to be moved anywhere in the world.
Cost Effective
Eliminates the cost and complexity of DNS based techniques based on geographical site load balancing (GSLB).
Speed & Simplicity
Provides faster and easier resolution and recovery. Implement a backup system that delivers truely acceptable RTO and RPO objectives in hours as opposed to days or weeks.
Streamlined Recovery Process Streamlined recovery process that minimizes the need for the operational complexity and lost time.
Always On
Allows you to be able to bring up your servers anywhere that has a replicated copy of your servers.