Get the Most Cost-Effective Circuits Without BGP Barriers

VXNet by Vinci Consulting allows ISPs, Telecom Providers and Carriers to offer cost-effective circuits with multihoming capabilities without the expense of BGP. By removing the customary BGP prerequisite barrier, companies can scale out to run as many circuits as needed.

Unlike other circuit providers, VXNet does not focus solely on providing regional point-to-point connectivity at the expense of offering Tier-1 BGP capabilities. Because of this, your company will not be overlooked for consideration when it comes to those looking to implement multihoming for resilient Internet access.

Additional VXNet Benefits Include:

Check Mark The elimination of mandatory active/failover configuration. With VXNet, your customers are in control of how their traffic is delivered.
Check Mark The ability to load balance across all links simultaneously so 100% of purchased bandwidth can be used.