Peering Information

Vinci Consulting understands that VXNet is a disruptive technology that impacts other providers and to minimize the impact, we operate VXNet with an open peering policy, however we do have several basic requirements:

  • Peering partners must maintain a 24x7 Network Operations Center

  • Peering partners must connect to the exchange at the agreed upon MTU.

  • Peering partners must cooperate in the troubleshooting of any peering related issues, denial of service attacks, UCE, hacking or virus penetration

  • Peering partners are prohibited from abusing our peering relationship by pointing default or resetting any next-hop

Vinci Consulting Corp. operates VXNet under the global autonomous system number of 17169. All routes originating from Vinci Consulting Corp. will be registered in the IRR under the AS Macro of AS-VXNET.

Additionally, we maintain a PeeringDB record: View Our Record

If you would like to peer with us, please email us at

Public Peering Exchanges

Exchange Point IPv4 Address IPv6 Address
NYIIX 2001:504:1::A501:7169:1
NYIIX-9K 2001:504:1:9:0:A501:7169:1