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Most networks aren't designed to incorporate new devices and build outs. Instead, they're procured as a line item in some other IT purchase or initiative and go without great planning and are oftentimes neglected until there's an issue. And let's face it: unplanned interruptions are not an option.
We know your business lives or dies by your network infrastructure and our clients  are able to leverage our network infrastructure designs to deliver high availability, resiliency and performance to provide their business their competitive advantage. We understand that your network infrastructure needs to not only support today's requirements, but must also be able to transform to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  
Depending on  your company's needs, we can build and implement a customized network infrastructure design for you. If you're happy with your overall network design we can also offer you additional services. Some of the services we offer are that we can build a disaster recovery site or increase the size of existing environments and do so with minimal disruption to your permanent staff members. Vinci Consulting can provide your business with network infrastructure design and implementation of local area networks, secure internet access, and inter-office networks that are both cost effective and configured to grow with the evolving needs of your business.

Other Network Infrastructure Design Services from Vinci Consulting include:

  • High Availability Campus LAN Design
  • Wireless LAN Design
  • Datacenter Design
  • DMZ and Security Design
  • Services and solutions for your needs, your size, your budget.

Services and solutions for your needs, your size, your budget.