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LISP Proxy and Mapping Services

Vinci Consulting provides commercially supported LISP Proxy and LISP mapping systems for customers looking to take advantage of the Locator Identification Separation Protocol.
For customers who have needs beyond our tested, fully supported and managed family of VXNet solutions and are looking for custom LISP deployments, we offer our redundant, distributed infrastructure to simplify and speed up LISP deployments.
VXNet US LISP Infrastructure

We offer:

LISP Mapping Services:

  • Distributed LISP Map Servers (MS)
  • Distributed LISP Map Resolvers (MR) with DDT Support

LISP Proxy Services:

  • Distributed LISP Proxy Ingress Tunnel Routers (LISP PiTR)
  • Distributed LISP Proxy Egress Tunnel Routers (LISP PeTR)

Expert-level consulting for the Locator Identification Separation Protocol is available through our professional services.


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