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Multi-Homing Why Your Business Needs High Availability
With most businesses relying so heavily on the Internet for their everyday operations, nothing is more important to your company's productivity than having high availability and being accessible to your clients, customers and employees.

The New Standard in High Availability Solutions

Internet Edge Multi-Homing for Resilient Internet Access
  • Benefits Benefits beyond BGP
    • Granular control of traffic across your uplinks through the policy you define.
  • Easy Eliminates the need for WAN load balancing and other NAT tricks
    • Instead of traditional solutions that require you to utilize an address from each provider, VXNet allows for the same address to be delivered across all your links according to the policy you define.
  • Consistency No session changes based on traffic path changes
    • No dropped sessions and no vendor equipment reconfigurations in the event of a circuit failure.
    • True carrier independence. No changes to end hosts when you change or sign up with new Internet service providers.
  • Reliability Enterprise-Grade High Availability
    • VXNet can transparently provide high availability, even over broadband circuits which typically take days to repair.

High Availability Solutions Through Location Independence

VXNet can provide high availability beyond circuit failures and protect your business' services from natural disasters. VXNet has the ability to move your individual VXNet-enabled IP addresses to anywhere in the world.