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VXNet is the BGP Alternative
For The Enterprise Internet Edge

Some Enterprises understand the need for high availability and have already invested considerable time and effort to deploy BGP. 
We understand...

...But let us show you what you are missing!

Take advantage of our unique features to enable:

  • Granular Inbound Traffic Control
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Bursting
  • Distributed Denial of Service Protection
  • Movement of any IP address in the world to anywhere in the world

Why BGP is NOT the solution for The Enterprise

Let's face it, BGP was never designed to be a high-performance Enterprise edge solution...

  • Since BGP is the algorithm for the single best path, only one circuit will be active at any time and other circuit(s) will be idle.
  • Lack of inbound traffic control can make users feel that they have a slow connection even when they're paying for a fast circuit (lot of bandwidth).
  • Limits you to advertising address blocks that are no smaller than a Class-C or /24 prefix (256 addresses at a time).
  • Requires more expensive circuits for Enterprises.

Let VXNet Handle Your BGP
At The Core Of The Internet...
...Where It Is Meant To Be.

Getting started with VXNet Enterprise Transit is easy and truly risk free in that your configuration can roll back at any time to legacy BGP configuration!

  • Keep your investment in your ASN
  • Keep your address block investment
  • Assurance that other service providers will accept all your routes
  • Reclaim control from your ISPs
  • Set your own inbound load balancing policies
  • Move individual addresses anywhere beyond limitations of BGP

Get VXNet Enterprise Virtual Transit