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Get Protection Against Geographical Failures With Data Center Mobility.

The adoption of virtual machines in the datacenter has changed the way Network Designers look at services in the datacenter.

Data center mobility is the goal of a well designed, distributed datacenter architecture. This flexibility provides protection against geographic failures. Early approaches such as bridging networks across a WAN or dark fiber link created extended failure domains that frequently caused failures of both locations.

Avoid solutions that can bring down all your datacenter locations with VXNet Datacenter Mobility.

VXNet Data Center Mobility Offers:

  • Cold Migrations + Recovery Cold Migrations and Remote-Site Recovery solutions are the most common of the data center mobility techniques. These techniques provide business continuity solutions with very low recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO).
  • Live Migrations Live migrations provide for hardware independence, allowing for logical hosts to be moved while continuing operations. Live migrations across locations have significant requirements in terms of network bandwidth and latency between locations. Because of this, live migrations are limited to relatively close locations.
  • Distributed Clustering Distributed Clustering is the operation of a single application across multiple locations. This case may require true LAN extensions.

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