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Will Siri Ever Talk With a LISP?

Anyone who has ever used an iPhone has tested the personal assistant capabilities of Siri. Whether it’s used for checking on the weather, hands-free texting someone that you are running late, or you are just passing time asking Siri crazy questions, Siri has a weakness.  Siri only works when your mobile iOS device has access to the Internet.    This is a small frustration that is a good example of the growing need for having multiple Internet connections for Internet Resiliency .  Highly available Internet was once just a concern for worker productivity in large companies, but not anymore.  Siri raises the bar and sets the expectation with every iPhone customer of an always-on Internet. LISP, which is a networking protocol that separates a devices identity from its network addresses for reachability, was considered the protocol for achieving this...
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The Many Benefits of High Availability for SMBs

  Keeping systems up and running is important for all businesses, regardless of size. Businesses today are so heavily reliant on their internet connection that the slightest glitch could have detrimental effects. One of the most common reasons that small and midsized businesses may not have high availability when it comes to their networks is because they simply don’t have the IT resources or budget to hire an IT team to make sure all systems are maintained and functioning properly. To cut costs, many companies outsource to the cloud. Outsourcing to the Cloud When companies outsource to the cloud for things like email via services such as Microsoft Exchange, their servers are no longer connected to the switches in their own offices and are no longer in their direct control. They are also at a higher risk of being cut off from their information. When...
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