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Will Siri Ever Talk With a LISP?

Anyone who has ever used an iPhone has tested the personal assistant capabilities of Siri. Whether it’s used for checking on the weather, hands-free texting someone that you are running late, or you are just passing time asking Siri crazy questions, Siri has a weakness.  Siri only works when your mobile iOS device has access to the Internet.    This is a small frustration that is a good example of the growing need for having multiple Internet connections for Internet Resiliency .  Highly available Internet was once just a concern for worker productivity in large companies, but not anymore.  Siri raises the bar and sets the expectation with every iPhone customer of an always-on Internet. LISP, which is a networking protocol that separates a devices identity from its network addresses for reachability, was considered the protocol for achieving this...
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“The Table of Nines” and High Availability

Having high availability means that your systems and applications are available upon user request or demand. High availability solutions aim to maximize uptime and minimize downtime. The standard of consistent availability has made the global Internet a mechanism for sharing information by extending the reach of database applications throughout the world. Our businesses today require data management solutions that are always available since we have become accustomed to having access to our data and information on demand, 24-hours a day. Availability is often measured in the percentage of uptime in one year. It is important to note that uptime and availability are not the same thing. For example, if there is a network failure, a system can be “up” but “not available” to the end users. The Table of Nines A common system for grading application/service uptime is...
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Do Your Office Phones Run Over The Internet? Then You Need To Read This Article NOW

When it comes to our office phones, people rarely know or assume that their phones may be running over the Internet, possibly just like their computers. That Cisco phone you have? That could be running over the Internet.  The phone in your conference room that you have all of your conference calls on? Yep, that could run over the Internet too. With so many of your day-to-day office tasks reliant on your Internet connection, it’s important to make sure you have a resilient Internet connection. There are three potential options for how your phone connects: You may have a voice gateway that connects your phone with your phone provider, your ISP provides you phones over an existing circuit, or your calls are delivered over the Internet. When we think of the importance of high availability in the work place we rarely think of what would happen if we lost access to...
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How Do I Make Sure That My Business Is Always Connected to The Internet?

Whether your company lives on the Internet or you use the Internet for day-to-day operations, your business’ success relies heavily on your Internet connectivity or “ high availability .” High availability means that you’re always available in terms of reach via the Internet. This could mean that you’re available to customers trying to email or call you or even visit your website. It also means that within your company, employees are able to access their email and in many cases, even their office landlines since many office phones today connect via the Internet. Whatever the case, it’s important that you keep your business online. One way to help ensure that you stay connected is through multihoming . Multihoming simply means that instead of having one Internet connection link, you have multiple. This can be two or more links from the same provider or multiple...
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The Pros and Cons of Using Data Center Colocation Providers For High-Availability

We all know how crucial it is for our workplaces to have high availability  because without it, the business can’t always function and we, the IT professionals, have our heads on the chopping block. Unfortunately for us, high availability isn’t always cheap. We need redundant power, redundant circuits, redundant cooling… redundant everything. N+1, 2N, 2N+1: what is enough?  It’s not cheap to build on your own for an office setup, to say the least. Using a data center colocation provider is usually the next of the go-to options for getting high availability.    One of the main reasons a business may not opt to use data center colocation providers for high availability is because in the old networking model, the servers serviced the users who came into the office to access the information by having their servers in their own building, they get high...
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