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Implementing IPv6 For Your Business

Breaking it down to simplistic terms, the Internet is a network of computers and mobile devices connected to each other through a series of routers and speaking common protocols. The way that these routers connect computers and mobile devices across the Internet is through either  IPv4 or IPv6 addresses . Knowing about this technical jargon may seem tasking and irrelevant for most businesses. Why not hire someone with IT knowledge to deal with it instead, right? But there is a growing need for businesses to familiarize themselves with some basic knowledge about and the differences between the different types of IP addresses. Let’s start with the growing problem facing IPv4 then go into detail to why implementing IPv6 to work alongside your current IPv4 for your business now will save you and serve you in the future. IPv4, or Internet Protocol...
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Will Siri Ever Talk With a LISP?

Anyone who has ever used an iPhone has tested the personal assistant capabilities of Siri. Whether it’s used for checking on the weather, hands-free texting someone that you are running late, or you are just passing time asking Siri crazy questions, Siri has a weakness.  Siri only works when your mobile iOS device has access to the Internet.    This is a small frustration that is a good example of the growing need for having multiple Internet connections for Internet Resiliency .  Highly available Internet was once just a concern for worker productivity in large companies, but not anymore.  Siri raises the bar and sets the expectation with every iPhone customer of an always-on Internet. LISP, which is a networking protocol that separates a devices identity from its network addresses for reachability, was considered the protocol for achieving this...
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Cloud Based Load Balancers – The Hidden Dangers of SSL Termination

For the last two decades, network load balancers have been a key infrastructure component for maintaining high availability for network based services.  Load Balancing Vs. Content Delivery Networks Unlike Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as Akamai or Cloudflare that fetch your static data and serve it anycast from many locations, load balancers provide a service address, also known as a VIP or Virtual IP address that serves as the destination that a client accesses for a given network service.  The load balancer then chooses the destination host from a pre-configured list and splices a network connection between the consumer and the service.  The load balancer can provide intelligence as to which back end servers are healthy or predict which will provide the best response times.    Port 443 Load Balancing Load balancing SSL protected...
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“The Table of Nines” and High Availability

Having high availability means that your systems and applications are available upon user request or demand. High availability solutions aim to maximize uptime and minimize downtime. The standard of consistent availability has made the global Internet a mechanism for sharing information by extending the reach of database applications throughout the world. Our businesses today require data management solutions that are always available since we have become accustomed to having access to our data and information on demand, 24-hours a day. Availability is often measured in the percentage of uptime in one year. It is important to note that uptime and availability are not the same thing. For example, if there is a network failure, a system can be “up” but “not available” to the end users. The Table of Nines A common system for grading application/service uptime is...
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Effective and Affordable Disaster Recovery Solutions for Small Businesses

A disaster recovery plan is crucial for all businesses, regardless of their size. If you want your business to survive any catastrophic event, whether it be a natural disaster, building fire or company network error or malfunction, it is important to plan ahead to ensure that your business will be able to recover as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Many businesses, especially those who have experienced a disaster without an adequate disaster recovery plan in place, are unnecessarily shelling out thousands upon thousands of dollars on their disaster recovery plans. Those who have learned the value of a disaster recovery plan the hard way know that it is far more cost effective to invest in a disaster recovery plan now than to have to deal with the chaos of a disaster head-on and unplanned for. Luckily for your small business, you don’t have to break the bank in order to...
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