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Will Siri Ever Talk With a LISP?

Anyone who has ever used an iPhone has tested the personal assistant capabilities of Siri. Whether it’s used for checking on the weather, hands-free texting someone that you are running late, or you are just passing time asking Siri crazy questions, Siri has a weakness.  Siri only works when your mobile iOS device has access to the Internet.   

This is a small frustration that is a good example of the growing need for having multiple Internet connections for Internet Resiliency.  Highly available Internet was once just a concern for worker productivity in large companies, but not anymore.  Siri raises the bar and sets the expectation with every iPhone customer of an always-on Internet.

LISP, which is a networking protocol that separates a devices identity from its network addresses for reachability, was considered the protocol for achieving this Internet Resiliency for the iPhone.  LISP runs today on Android phones and can seamlessly switch back and forth between Wi-Fi and cellular. 

With the release of iOS7, Apple introduced MP-TCP as an alternate technology for using multiple internet connections simultaneously.  So the question is…

Will Siri Ever Talk With a LISP?

Probably not.  LISP was designed to be deployed without changes to existing hosts or applications.  The reason behind this was to extend the capabilities of existing applications without modification.  MP-TCP is a host-host protocol designed to be added to a host’s kernel or operating system.

LISP was designed to address the Internet scalability problems of BGP, the core routing protocol of the Internet.  LISP does this by creating a Network Overlay through the use of encapsulation and an intelligent control plane.  MP-TCP does not attempt to solve that problem and does not add any encapsulation overhead to the packets.  

If you are interested in the technical differences between LISP and MP-TCP you can read - Understanding the Multihoming Differences between Multipath TCP and LISP.  Regardless of the technology or technologies used, the need for Resilient Internet Access continues to grow.  If you still don’t believe in the need for internet access *when* you need it, be sure to check out the video below.  It brings a new meaning to the frustration of not being able to communicate over the Internet.





















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