VXNet Cloud-Based Routing™

Cloud-Based Routing

Discover the powerful, agile and efficient Cloud-Based Routing™ solution that delivers unmatched connectivity to remote devices and cloud based services.

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Achieve Worldwide Tier-1 Visibility at a Lower Cost.

What is Cloud-Based Routing™?

Could-based Routing Cloud-Based Routing™ allows organizations to Achieve Worldwide Tier-1 Visibility of their routes even while using less expensive Tier-2 or Tier-3 providers.

Our open peering policy gives smaller providers a level playing field and the ability to compete with the Tier-1 providers. Your ISPs no longer need to provide worldwide visibility, they only need local visibility to our Cloud-Based Routing™ intelligence.

Subtle Differences. Dramatic Benefits

Could-based Routing Most Multi-Homed organizations connect to the Internet by unicasting their routes into BGP from one or two directly connected providers at the point closest to your resources.

We anycast your routes into the legacy BGP infrastructure to Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 providers across multiple locations deeper within the core of the Internet. This means that you get to use the intelligence of our VXNet Cloud-Based Routing™ platform to direct your traffic to your destination at the beginning of the path instead of at the last ISP hop.

Benefits of VXNet Cloud-Based Routing

New Standard in High Availability Solutions

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Resilient + Scalable Internet Access

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Data Center Mobility and Distributing

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Affordable Disaster Recovery

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Cloud Bursting and Added Capacity Management

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IPv6 Enablement

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Enterprise Virtual Transit

BGP was never designed for enterprise edge solution.
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